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Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence, the ability to understand and manage complex data relationships through the use of their geographic context. By combining location-related data (geographic data) with other business data, organisations can obtain critical insights, make better decisions and optimise their processes.

Location Intelligence offers opportunities to streamline business processes, enhance customer relationships and improve performance and results. Business Intelligence tools (BI), such as Power BI and Excel and GIS applications Maptitude 

are used to analyse and visualise the information.

Location Intelligence tools leverage a variety of data sources including aerial maps, mapping software, demographics as well as companies’ own records and combines tools and data to “map” information geographically.

Professional mapping applications transform large amounts of data into visual representations, offering the ability to easily identify trends and generate meaningful intelligence.

Location Intelligence can be applied across many sectors of industry, we focus on the Logistics Sector.

What Location Intelligence can do for you?
• Analysis of the location of FSL’s and PUDO's vs. customers
• Cluster analysis, cluster visualisation
• Visualise data with a geographic context by linking to a digital map
• Calculate summary information for specific areas
• Simulate changes in flows of products and associated costs
• Use maps to select particular areas with your projected data
• Allocate service engineers to customer locations
• Find the best location for a new store, warehouse, sales manager
• Centre of Gravity calculation for optimisation of supply chains.
• Risk assessment, identify areas of risk for chemical plants, nuclear facilities etc. 
• Show where your customers are located on a digital map
• Select customers within specific areas
• Select locations within a certain radius from a point
• Applying segmentation, select/compare specific customer types to other areas

"A picture is worth a thousand words ..."  

This is one of the strengths of GIS software and tools. By associating data with their corresponding geographic context, you may convert the output from endless listings into clear digital maps, transforming your raw data into something worth so much more.

see the gallery for examples.