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‘Showing you the way’


Geo-Analysis refers to using geographic information in the process of planning and implementation of marketing activities.
Geo-Analysis focuses on conditions and data in a geographic area and supports decisions to design a marketing strategy. Geo-Analysis is based on applying GIS software (geographic information system) to link your data with a geographical context to other information (sales data, demographic data etc.).

What can Geo-Analysis do for you?
• Show you where your customers are on a digital map 
• Visualise data by linking these to a digital map
• Calculate summary information for specific areas
• Select customers within specific areas
• Select customers within a certain radius of a point
• Applying segmentation select/compare specific customer types to other areas
• Find the best location for a new store, warehouse, sales manager

Why should you use Geo-Analysis? 

It becomes increasingly more important to be able to analyse massive amounts of data and to visualise the available information, without getting lost in endless rows of figures.

                                   "A picture is worth a thousand words ..." !

Since most of us are more the visual type, endless rows of figures can be very confusing. This is why companies started to extensively use charts for displaying data to reveal inner relationships. When using charts only, you will not be able to reveal a geographical dependency of your information.

This is the point where you will find one of the strengths of GIS software and tools. By associating the data with the corresponding geographic region, you are able to convert the available data into clear digital maps, transforming your raw data into something worth so much more. 

see the gallery for examples.